Live The Coffee making process.


Named after the Yemeni Port Mokha, Mokhaport was founded to introduce organic Ethiopian and Yemeni coffee flavors along with our out of this world smoothies.

The term Mocha is derived from the city of Mokha, Yemen, which was one of the centres of early coffee trade.


Yemeni coffee is the oldest, continuously cultivated coffee in the world. The Coffea arabica tree originated in Ethiopia but was first systematically cultivated and commercialized in Yemen. Until European colonists got into the game in about 1,700 Yemen produced virtually all coffee drunk in the world.

Coffee production practices changed as it spread from Yemen to the rest of the world. However, Yemen stayed with its original, ancient methods. The coffee fruit is picked and laid out to dry on rooftops. Later the dried fruit husks are split open with millstones, and the beans are winnowed and cleaned by hand. One unique fact about the dried fruit husks or Qishr, is that they are not thrown out, rather kept and made into a slightly sweet tea. Qishr tastes unlike any other tea. Qishr tastes like Qishr.

Nafis Zahir

Outstanding! This is actually real coffee!! I got the Ethiopian coffee which is excellent, but the let me try the Yemeni coffee and it was strong and flavorful. Be patient after ordering because the coffee is freshly made. They also have smoothies, pastries and even samosas! Customer service was friendly, service was prompt and the place was very clean.

Julie Vazquez

It wasn't clear to me that this cute little find was inside a mall, but I'm glad I found it! My spinach smoothie is really good, and this is the best customer service I have had in a while. Looking forward to returning to this warm, friendly atmosphere.

Chris Dunlap

Amazing customer service, coffee drinks and smoothies! One of very few places to get Yemeni coffee, including GREEN BEANS!

Sherri B.

Best service we have ever had in a coffee shop. Gave us a taste of everything so we knew exactly what we wanted to order. Ended up with coffee and fresh smoothies. Delicious!